Naturopathy is purifying mind & body with the help of five universal elements : space (आकाश-akash), air (वायु-vayu), fire (अग्नि-agni), water (जल-jal) and earth (पृथ्वी-prithvi). Naturopathy treatments includes mud therapy, hydro therapy, massage, sirodhara etc. to purify and invigorate the mind and the body.

Yoga, which means union in Sanskrit language is an ancient form of practice which helps health and well-being of an individual at physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual and emotional levels by performing asanas, pranyamas, kriyas and meditation. Yoga is one of the best tools to uproot the problem which originates in mind and manifest in the body. It also helps an individual develop positive frame of mind to achieves the holistic (total) health.

  • Yogasanas : Vairous yogic postures called “Asanas” shapes the body and mind to attain holistic health.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama, also known as breathing exercises helps relax and overcome problems of respiratory system and treatment of psychosomatics disorders.
  • Dhyana (Meditation) : Meditation is effortless, uninterrupted flow of thoughts towards single objects which helps in slowing down the speed of mind.
  • Kriyas : Special Yogic Kriyas (mudras, bandhas etc.) are taught as per individual’s disease condition to release stress, tackle obesity, fight diabetes and to strengthen the body & calm the mind.